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Clear Report Data Caches from Within SQL Reporting Services Business Intelligence Studio (BIS)

When developing SQL Reporting Services reports, a really annoying function is that preview data is cached locally when testing reports instead of fetched on every run. Even explicitly refreshing the data doesn't always fix this. The most reliable way to resolve this is to delete the .data file associated with your report RDL file. These data files are stored in the same folder with your report definitions.

While you can delete these files manually, the following 15 second configuration change to BIS makes the process of deleting all data caches as simple as a menu selection.


  1. Go to Tools > External Tools...
  2. Add a new tool with the following settings:
    • Title: Clear Report Data Cache
    • Command: "%WinDir%\System32\cmd.exe"
    • Arguments: /C DEL /S /Q "$(SolutionDir)\*"
    • Check options: Use Output window & Close on exit
  3. Now whenever you want to delete your report data cache, just go to Tools > Clear Report Data Cache.
  4. Because the option for Use Output window is selected, you can see the results in the BIS output display.


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