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ClipOut (Command Line Utility)

Version 1.0.1 - Download


Outputs/writes the text contents of the Windows Clipboard to the command line console/standard out. If the clipboard does not contain text, no output is produced.

A practical usage of this tool is demonstrated in my How-To Geek feature article: How to Send the Contents of the Clipboard to a Text File via the Send to Menu.

Note: Requires .NET 2.0.


The following command outputs the clipboard contents to Windows command line console (no modification):


The following command (when run from the command prompt) writes the clipboard contents to the file "C:\MyFile.txt" with leading and trailing whitespace removed:

ClipOut /T > C:\MyFile.txt

The following command (when run from either a shortcut or the Run dialog) outputs the clipboard contents, with a line break added before and after the text, to the file "C:\LogFile.txt":

CMD /C ClipOut /B > C:\LogFile.txt

The same command as above run via the Windows command prompt directly would simply be:

ClipOut /B > C:\LogFile.txt

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Help Information (/?)

ClipOut [/T] [/B]

 /T  When specified, the text has leading and trailing whitespace removed
     before outputting the contents.

 /B  When specified, a line break is added before and after the output text.
     This function can be useful for appending to files.
     If /T is provided, its actions are performed prior to this.

- If the contents of the clipboard does not contain text, then no output is
- To redirect the contents to a file, be sure to run ClipOut from
  the command line or via the command line processor (for Run commands and/or
  shortcuts) like so:
     CMD /C ClipOut > MyFile.txt

Exit Codes:
    0 = Text output was produced.
    1 = No output produced (clipboard does not contain text).

Version History

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed an issue where a line break would always be added to the output, even if the /T switch was provided.