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Add Open Solution/Project in File Explorer Feature to Visual Studio Express (VBE) and Business Intelligence Studio (BIS)

One small, but quite useful, feature included in Visual Studio Professional, is the ability to right click on a Solution and/or Project and then have a menu option to open the selection location in Windows Explorer. Unfortunately, this option is not available in some versions of Visual Studio Express (VBE) or SQL Server Business Intelligence Studio (BIS).

However, this function can easily be added (with no additional software required) with a simple Visual Studio configuration.


Note: While these instructions were created using Business Intelligence Studio (BIS), you can follow the same steps in Visual Studio Express (VBE) to get the same functionality.

  1. Go to Tools > External Tools...
  2. Add a new tool with the following settings:
    • Title: Open Solution Folder
    • Command: explorer.exe
    • Arguments: "$(SolutionDir)"
      Note: You can also use "$(ProjectDir)" to open the respective project folder instead.
  3. Now whenever you want to view your data files in Windows Explorer, just go to Tools > Open Solution Folder.
  4. A new Windows Explorer window opens which is the root of your Visual Studio Solution files.


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