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Update From the Web (Script)

Version 1.0 - Download (Requirements Included) | Download (Script Only)


Searches for updates to local files from a specified website and replaces existing files with newer ones. This script is incredibly powerful and flexible and should be able to handle just about any automated update scenario where the target URL is constant.

The script has the following features:

  • Single file (direct file URL) or directory scan updates
  • Automatic compressed file extraction
  • Case conversion (for case sensitive URLs)
  • Automatically closes and restarts open applications which have an update
  • Update detection (only apply updates to existing files), overwrite all (restore), and new file only modes


  • Download.exe
  • 7za.exe - Only required for compressed file extraction.


The following command updates all Sysinternals utilities in the the current directory:

UpdateFromWeb /D /Q /R

The following command updates all Nirsoft utilities in the the directory C:\Tools:

UpdateFromWeb /D C:\Tools /Z /L /Q

The following command updates all scripts from this site in the the directory C:\Tools:

UpdateFromWeb /D C:\Tools /Z /L /Q /W

The following command overwrites the file C:\CurrentProject\ with the file from

UpdateFromWeb /F C:\CurrentProject\ /A

The following command downloads the file and extracts only files which do not existing in the folder C:\CurrentProject:

UpdateFromWeb /F C:\CurrentProject /N /Z

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Help Information (/?)

UpdateFromWeb URL {/F Dest | /D [Dir] [/S] [/L]}
              [/A | /N] [/Z] [/Q] [/R] [/C] [/W]

 URL   Source URL of the target file(s).
 /F Dest
       Indicates the URL specified is to a single file and should update the
       the respective local file (or directory, mode dependent) with the file
       downloaded from the URL.
       When using /F and /Z, a directory must be specified. This will be where
       the files in the archive are copied.
 /D [Dir]
       Indicates the URL specified should be used for directory scanning.
       If the directory is not specified, the current directory will be used.
 /S    Check all subdirectories for updates. Can only be used with /D.
 /L    Converts file names to lowercase before searching for the URL.
       Can only be used with /D.
 /A    Specifies that all downloaded files should be copied to the target,
       regardless of whether or not they are newer.
 /N    Specifies that new files which do not currently exist in the target
       should be copied.
 /Z    Turns on compressed file extraction. Behavior varies by mode.
       Supported formats for extraction: .zip, .7z, .gz, .tar.gz
       When in /F mode, specifies the target is a compressed file and the
       contents should be extracted before copying to the target.
       When in /D mode, will search for zip files with the same name in
       addition to the current physical files names.
 /Q    Quiet mode. Will only show download URL for files which were found.
 /R    Restart any killed tasks after the update is complete.
 /C    Suppress the configuration settings display.
 /W    Suppress the warning that running tasks where an update is found will
       be forcefully closed.

Default behavior is to only copy newer files which already exist (including
files which are within a zip file).
This can be (optionally) modified by either the /A or /N switch.